Made up of Vocalist Paul Brian Cotterell, Guitarist Tom Collins, Bassist Dennis Gallagher & Drummer Steve Ussery, Pictures From Eden emerged on the Southern California music scene in the summer of 2011. While the bands overall sound maintains an emotional, dramatic direction in it’s core, Pictures From Eden’s arsenal of music isn’t without upbeat and driving rock tunes with stellar twists of rock n’ roll.  The kind of music that’ll take you back to the good ole days of soldout stadiums filled with giant power anthems and heart-pounding rock. Pictures From Eden is a band that is truly on the verge of setting the new musical rock standard.

With gentle & emotional rock ballads, catchy rock anthems and a live performance that leaves fans feeling like they just walked out of a stadium concert, you will not be disappointed. Paul Cotterell’s sultry, passionate vocals will mesmerize you while unforgettable guitar riffs explode in the background through songs that erupt with emotion and brilliance, Pictures From Eden will captivate and energize you.

Pictures From Eden is THE alternative rock band to watch of the decade.  With their ever growing arsenal of songs, PFE captures all that was great about the late 90′s rock scene while maintaining their own contemporary, edgy identity.  This band’s combination of honest, heart provoking lyrics, emotionally engaging vocals and hard driving al fresco roots guitar themes are guaranteed to hold your playlist hostage.  PFE is set to fill the void in an industry that is hungry for music that can grab hold of any audience while avoiding the empty and tragic snare of commercialism.  You will like their recorded music but you will come to absolutely love the individual parts that are the sum of PFE when you see them perform live.  Their synergy and passionate performance will engage your heart and soul as they do nothing less than pour out theirs”
Lisa Morgan - Coachella Valley Weekly
Pictures From Eden the new and upcoming rock band emerging from the desert music scene in California...passionate and humble musicians, they definitely have a real generosity and powerful energy which they take to the live stage and which you can feel during their performance from sensitive ballads to rip roaring rock songs.  "Pictures From Eden" surely have their own sound.
Chris Loung & Ric Chandler - LUNG
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